Healing School

Think health. Speak health. Live health.®

InKovenant Ministries aka OMM provides Healing School for both those in need of healing and those desiring to learn more on the subject of healing as well as how to assist others in receiving their healing.

What is Healing School?

Healing School is a place where Bible principles of healing and health are taught. We also take the time to minister healing to those that are sick. Students are instructed how to access and experience the healing power made available through the Word of God. Learning and applying the truths of the Bible cause faith to grow and healing to manifest.

Who can come to Healing School?

Everyone is welcome to come to Healing School. Healing is for all. Because our lessons are Bible based, we do encourage salvation according to the scriptures. Students are informed that healing, which comes by the Word of God, is most times progressive, and not instantaneous. One must be diligent in reading, meditating, and confessing the Word as instructed in class. Wonderful results can be attained by obeying the Word of God. Students are instructed to maintain medical care and medications prescribed by the doctor.

Cost for Healing School?

There is no cost for Healing School. However, donations, love offerings, etc. are greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible.

Special Needs:

Those persons with special needs are welcome to Healing School. However, we do not provide medical care or equipment.